Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Birthday Girl Carol!

While in LA last weekend we celebrated Carol's 50...something birthday! A lady never tells!
A lover of vanilla (or should I say a hater of chocolate) enjoyed her cake very much! Don't get me started on the chocolate deal. We have tried so hard to get her to like chocolate but she insist it is bad for her diet. Good thing vanilla cake is a health food. Sometimes she will sneak a chocolate when no one is looking!
Charlie hangs out on Carol's ride.
Rach is such a good Auntie to her kiddies.
I think the birthday girl was pretty happy with her gifts too. She went to work that day and while she was gone Owen and Charlie colored the front sidewalk with chalk saying "Happy Birthday Carol!" When she got home on the bus we all waited outside to greet her. I think her friends were very impressed!

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