Tuesday, August 4, 2009

College girls reunite

During our visit to LA we caught up with some friends from APU! We all have babies now so it was a lot different than the good old days! Robbin just had Carsen in June. He is a chunky monkey already! Such a sweet baby. Jessica gets a little bit of lovin'.

We tried to get the kids to sit together for a photo. It was at the end of our play time and well past nap time. Not the best situation. It started ok.
Lily started the get away.
Then she was very very sad to be placed back in the photo. Caeden on the right was wondering what the heck this girl was crying about.
We tried to distract them with the arms up game.
Jenn and Caeden, he is two and a half now.
Jessica and Sofia, she is 20 months.
Robbin and Carsen, he is almost 2 months.
Sofia loves her boy Carsen.
We have to wait until New Years to see Meagan and Charlie who is 9 months.

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