Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Here comes the groom...

The big reason for our trip to LA was to attend Brian's wedding in Santa Barbara. Lily gets the jeep ready for the trip.We drove up the coast Saturday morning. Joel was the best man so he and his fam drove up the day before. Owen and Charlie missed their cousin Lily so much they couldn't wait to see her again. When we finally arrived it was pool time at the hotel.
I think Charlie did "canon ball" about a thousand times that weekend. Her version of cannon ball is jumping in the shallow end straight leg and shouting.
Lily got some Uncle Joel love.
Tom Cruise made an appearance for the weekend.
Saturday night we attended Brian and Jenner's wedding at the Montecito Country club. Paparazzi were everywhere! Hahaha! This is my wedding dress that was hard earned considering I had to shop with a one year old in tow who thinks she can walk everywhere all the time.What a gorgeous venue. They were married in front of huge windows overlooking the ocean. Sorry the glare didn't allow our pictures to do them justice. The professionals must have gotten some beauties. It is official ladies Brian is OFF the market!
Doesn't Eric clean up nice? Good thing too because Rachel is shining!
Mom and Pops looking dapper as well.
The ladies ready for a fun night. The kids were back at the hotel with Rachel's sister Stephanie and her husband Trevor. They were married last month so we thought they could use some real life with kids experience to remind them to enjoy their time alone!
The gorgeous couple having photos taken.
The cocktail party in full swing.
First dance for the bride and groom.
Alex and I had a great time. Too bad we had to wake up early the next morning!
Joel gives his best man toast. It was a great one!
We danced it up that night! They also had a photo booth and we all crammed ourselves in there several times. Hope Brian and Jenner like the photos we left them.
For the wedding cake they had three flavors of bundt cake. Red velvet, lemon, and white chocolate.
Loosen the tie boys! It's almost time for the after party.

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