Monday, August 31, 2009

High five Charlie!!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Charlie, happy birthday to you! Since Charlie wouldn't let us sing to her at her big 5 birthday I am singing to her now! We went to Portland two weeks ago to celebrate with her. What a party it was!

There were hula hoops! Charlie is really good. She is trying to master doing several at once!
She tries to teach Lily. We have to get her "dialed in" on a talent early so she can master it. She can get on Ellen, or get a college scholarship, or go to the olympics. Hey, it might be an olympic event by the time Lily is old enough.Oh, and do you see what is in the background? A PRINCESS BOUNCY HOUSE! Don't tell Charlie but we heard about the bouncy house and invited ourselves to her birthday party.
Lily wasted no time getting involved. We really couldn't wait for the official party to end so we adults could go in. They got their money's worth for sure. We all went for a round and it was a lot of fun. I think Owen and Charlie got a real kick out of the grown ups going in. We really needed Auntie Rach though. She has much more stamina for these things than the rest of us.
Yummy delish cupcakes made by Charlie and Mama. She let us light the candles but no singing thank you very much.
Much anticipated gift opening. She loved everything she got.
The pony dress up house was a hit.
I think everyone had fun. I know Lily did. She is already planning her party for next year.
The next day we hung out at the house and went for lunch out. No trip to the Portland Petersons would be complete without some fruit picking! Peaches were in season and so so delicious! We had to eat them right off the tree to make sure they tasted good. The lady told us too really. Lily got a high ride to pick the top ones.
Joel really did most of the work. He is mad about fruit picking. He missed his calling in life. When they "go country" they are going to plant all kinds of fruit trees and berry bushes. We can then visit our country cousins and pick fruit for free. We will also whittle, chew tobacco, and lose all our teeth.
Owen, where are your Tom Cruise sunglasses? He may have eaten a whole pound of peaches himself. Guess we owe them an extra 80 cents. Yes, 80 cents per pound!
We like to teach them hard labor young.
She wants to walk everywhere all by herself. Then she face plants in the dust and wonders why that happened? Hmm... maybe you should let me help!
We had such a great time. We just love visiting our family in Portland. Now school started so we can go down and watch soccer games on the weekend! Both Owen and Charlie are mad about soccer! We can't wait!

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