Monday, August 10, 2009

These are the days...

How is it Lily turned one about a month ago? Her birthday week she learned to crawl (thanks to Grandma & Grandpa baby boot camp). She took a few steps on her own a few days after her birthday. Now, a month later she is all over the place!
She has a thing for purses, or anything with handles she can carry around.
She has NO TEETH! That doesn't seem to stop the girl from eating what she wants though.
She chatters away all day long although none of it really makes sense to us. Maybe Winston understands her?
She has great love for her big cousins and can't wait to see them again.
We are "dialing out," as Joel would say, her crib music deals. The pacifier will have to wait, if we plan to keep flying as much as we do we NEED them!
She has perfected the art of falling gracefully. So far we have managed to avoid most furniture but I am sure she won't always be so lucky. The bruises are adding up though.
She loves to climb stairs and cries when the gates go up...sorry!
The other day we were in the basement trying to relax and after a few minutes of silence and no Lily we went to find her. She was in the shower. Why not? After all there is a lovely step up into the shower to play on.
We have a lot planned for the next few months so watch out!


  1. OMG !!!!!!!!! Seriously, could she be any cuter. Love , love .love

  2. She is mowing ! Completely walking on her own. Wow.

  3. Love it! Can't wait to see you guys soon! Looks like I have some baby proofing to do!