Friday, August 21, 2009

WILD thing... part deux...

Some of my loyal readers might remember this post where Lily was so fondly dressed as Mariah Carey. Well, it is time for round two. Kristen dutifully put her daughter Charlotte in this doozy. So we will keep the pact and follow suit. One word comes to mind, roar! Hmm, maybe not so bad. Make note of the newly groomed hound in the background.
Seriously mom? This outfit is awful.
If I could get the fireplace screen doors to open I would burn this!
What are these itchy pink net parts?
I am so embarrassed I am going to cover up with this blanket.

Sorry Lily. It is just so funny!


  1. Awesome! The last picture doesn't even look like her! What happened?!?

  2. My mom gifted us a similar leopard number. It is for indoors only!

  3. She has so much hair !!! She is getting so big, I told you to push pause ! The leopard is better than the Mariah outfit by far. Have a blast with Hillary and DB and Kristin and Charlotte :)

  4. Hi sara I think Lily looks really cute. well I think she would look cute in anything she wears. Cant wait to see you guys in December!!!