Saturday, September 26, 2009


Lily and I have been participating in a children's development class since this summer. It involves music, rhymes, dance, instruments, and movement. She really likes it and gets excited when we drive into the community center parking lot each week. This Wed. we missed class to take Alex to his citizenship interview. We went to the Saturday class to make up our missed class and Alex got to see what all the fun was about.
This is the waltz dance portion where you waltz to music with them in your arms and point out different objects in the room.Nobody puts baby in the corner. Aw... Patrick Swayze!!
This is Lily's favorite part. The teacher pours musical instruments out in a circle and everyone goes for it. She usually squeals when they are brought out. For the beginning you all sit in a circle and play different instruments to music. Then everyone picks an instrument and you get up and march around the circle. When the music stops you freeze and are quiet, then the music starts again and you continue.

This week she decided to collect all the tamborines that have a string attached and put them on her wrists and run away!
Her purse fetish is out of control! Well anything with handles or a string will do.
Then comes the obstacle course. We sing a song while the teacher sets it up and explains it. Then begins the free for all. They go from one section to the next doing different tasks that help develop their motor skills. Here we crawl on the squishy stones. Not an easy task really. Lily is quite gifted. Ha ha!
To wind down at the end we pull them around the room on a sheet and a sweet, calm song plays. Usually they play "I've got peace like a river..." an oldie but a fave. She enjoys this part but often crawls off the sheet to run around. I am going to teach her to pull me on a sheet next because by then end of class I am usually worn out and could use a break.
I fondly refer to class as our hippie granola dance class. I am not sure really how to describe it otherwise. We have noticed a lot of changes in Lily's development since starting class this summer. Recently when we talk about Winston she started panting like a dog. We couldn't figure out why she started to relate him to panting because we always talk about a dog saying woof. Then in class I realized one of the rhymes we do each week talks about a dog and you do panting sounds. Guess from now on if I want to teach her something I have to make up a song, rhyme, or dance for it.

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  1. Aww, look how happy she looks with all of those "purses"!

    Did Alex love the class as much as she does?