Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finally, a tooth for Lily

I gotta toof...I gotta toof!!
I know for some kids this is just a regular milestone like all the others. For Lily it is especially sweet because she waited until 14 months to get her first tooth. Tell that to her cousin Luke who probably has more teeth than that already at 9 months! At her 12 month well child doctors visit they said that if she didn't have any teeth by her 15 month visit she would have to go see a pediatric dentist for xrays. I think she heard that loud and clear so she got busy making this tooth appear. Now she has a second one coming next to it even though the first isn't even all the way out yet. She hasn't been too crabby about it so we are lucky there. If anything she is sleeping more due to a growth spurt and teething. Hooray for that! She is still taking 2 naps a day most days, unless something more fun bumps it to one. This is the best shot I could get of her tooth. Don't pay attention to the wild strawberry blond "haystack" hair as we call it. The beach air in Carpinteria does all kinds of things to a girls hair, even makes it curl!

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  1. Yeah for teeth! It's going to be strange seeing her with a mouthful, I'm so used to her pretty little gummy smile! Now she can really go to town on those meatballs though!