Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The good life

We just returned from spending a week long vacation in Santa Barbara with Alex's parents. They hadn't seen Lily since Feb so it was so much fun hanging out and letting them play with her and marvel and how much she has grown.

We rented a two bedroom condo in Santa Barbara just a few blocks from State Street. We could walk to all the shops and restaurants. Here is Alex relaxing in the living area. We did a lot of relaxing. We got to go out on a few date nights as well which we loved!
The condo from the outside. The weather was perfect! Warm and sunny every day and not too hot.
Lily had a great time walking along the beach with her Grampy! He gives great rides.
Lily is growing so fast and walking along really well. She wants to walk all the time now so it was great to have so many adults to take her hands.
She hasn't been to the beach since she was tiny. This was the first time she really got to enjoy the water and waves and sand. The first time she just loved the beach and water. It was the sand she was not too fond of. She did not want to put her feet down on the warm powdery sand. If it was near the water and hard packed she didn't mind too much. We need to work on that as we are going to Hawaii next month!
I think the grown ups had as much fun enjoying her at the beach as she did!

This is her "I want to try a pringle now that I have a tooth" face. She gummed it and agreed they are very moreish as we English say!

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