Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Look

Time For Change by David Reece.

I know I just changed our blog layout but, like shoes and purses you can never have too many right?

I thought I would change it up again since we just went to the beach and are going again soon. Maybe after that I will accept that Fall is here and change it to something Autumnal. Is that a real word Alex?

Hope you like it. I stole it from a link on my friend Jill's blog. They are free so I am gonna change it up all the time now!


  1. aren't they the coolest? Love them. But I thought I stole it from you?

  2. Love the new layout and LOVE all the pics . You guys have so much fun and are so cute. Makes me sappy and happy. :) :( Lily makes me smile.
    boo boo