Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spooky good time!

This time last year Lily only had the energy to wear her halloween costume to her 4 month doctor visit. Take a look at her now!
I doubt she had any clue what was going on but endured the costume, the hat kept falling over her eyes. She did not really get excited over the candy but did enjoy watching all the other kids.
We went to a local outdoor mall since they had trick or treating at 4 PM which works well for a tired 16 month old.
Elf lady, hand over some of that shiny stuff in little crinkly packages!
The balloon was by far her favorite "treat" of the day.
The biggest smile came from the frog water fountain. She played in it a lot this summer and is such a water baby.
Getting a little treat for Mommy at the Tiffany & Co store. Good girl!
First taste of a lolli pop. Initially...delicious. Second thank you!
I though you said I could eat this stuff?
I'll take this, Winsty you can have the rest.
Yes please!!
One for me, one for you, one for me.


  1. My favorite elephant, super duper cute !

  2. Love Lily the elephant, and really miss U-Village! What was Tiffany's giving out?!?