Monday, November 2, 2009

Leaf me alone!

Most of the time Lily humor's me for a photo shoot. The exception to the rule is when it involves something "yucky" or unknown. Leaves qualify as unknown and yucky. Last year she sat quite happily for her fall photo shoot. Let's see how this year goes.

We look like we are enjoying it.
No, I am not enjoying this.
Is that a smile? It looks like one but it is a whine.
No really, I do NOT want to be sitting in them!
If you put one in my lap I will pick it up long enough to toss it aside.
I guess you can hold one but don't expect me to!
I think next year will go over better. She was not sure about pumpkins at first but now they are great friends. We still go visit our pumpkin on our stoop (we didn't carve ours, too lazy).

I like to get annual photos so we can compare them over the years. I can imagine all the complaints and whining in the years to come but TOO bad! You see Californians, we have LEAVES to pose with in the fall. I can mail you some if you want to do a fall photo shoot. Puffer vests on little ones are awful cute too aren't they?


  1. so based on her not likely unknown yucky stuff, it's fair to assume you didn't stick her in the middle of a gutted pumpkin this year? I loved those pictures from last year! Love these pics too, that vest is awful cute!!!

  2. Grandma P is very jealous Lily. I would love to sit in the leaf pile with you. When I was a little girl my father would rake them together and burn them in the street and we would through potatoes into the fire. When it was all over we would hunt for the potatoes, peel off the burnt peel, and eat them.Yum! Yum!