Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What we've been up to

Not too much going on these days. It has been rainy all week but now the glorious sun is out.
Last week we had a cupcake date with BFF Kat. She knows how to eat a cupcake. Lily was more interested in her milk. Once again, her father's daughter.
Swine flu is in full swing in the ER. Here is our mascot. Beanie baby H1N1
We went to the zoo last week for a few hours. The new penguin exhibit is a favorite. Now that schools are back in it's less crowded and we can get a close up view.
Yet Lily is more interested in climbing the rocks.
Hope your having a happy fall because winter is well on it's way. Brrrrr and a boo hoo! At least winter means Santa. We are all working on being nice. Lily has had a bad cold this week and teething so she really needs to sharpen up on the being nice part.

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