Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's a Jolly Holly Christmas

Here is a better picture from our Santa excursion. Alex ended up getting a better picture of Santa so maybe Lily isn't on the naughty list after all. Although she is giving him a jab with her elbow. Baby self defense course is paying off.
After seeing Santa we had dinner and Lily tried her first candy cane. A few licks later it was thrown. Guess she is her father's daughter once again. Who doesn't like candy canes?
She does love wrapping paper though! The jedi spent a good hour playing light saber with the new wrapping. It is a shame we had to open it to use it. Maybe that should be her gift this year.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.
Urban living, you pick up your tree from a lot with your mini. The VW is having a severe winter cold and does not like to run well these days. We took the easy route and did not trek out to the forest to chop down our own tree. Some things are best saved for when the little one can actually remember them.
Our tree. We nick named him butch since we did some damage to the lower branches when getting him in the stand. Yes, I know the "star" (said in a Carrie Ingalls voice) is falling over. Alex had to work some magic on it. We have more than ten ornaments on it, you just can't see them in the picture.
We are ready for Christmas now. Just a few cookies to bake and a visit from Santa down the chimney! It is supposed to snow today and we have seen a few tiny flakes but nothing serious. It will dump in the night making a Monday commute nightmare.


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  2. Wait a sec, how is that Twas the night before Christmas up there?
    That isn't paint is it? I like how Winsty's stocking is the same size as yours. haha