Monday, January 25, 2010

We are gearing up for the winter Olympics around our house. Since we live so close to Vancouver and Whistler BC we thought we would really make these Olympics special.

Lily has shown a special interest in the Olympics. We are not sure what event she will likely train for. It seems gymnastics might be her forte as she likes to balance. Perhaps not the best idea to balance on objects that can move. This is what she decided to do while I was cleaning the house. I heard her giggling and turned to see this!

Now whenever you say "Olympics" she stops what she is doing and puts both arms up in the air.
I think we will work on balancing on one leg next!

No, unfortunately we are not going to any of the events. We will be watching it on the tele with the rest of you. We still have high hopes to attend the 2012 summer games in London! We'll see!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Rose Parade 2010

New Years day Alex, my Pops, the Davis' and Dan and Janine McCluskey (Rach's lovely parents) went to Pasadena to see the Rose Parade. I have been before so I opted to watch from home in my jammies.

Back in my day you had to sleep out on the street all night to get a good spot to watch the parade from the street. In these modern times you can buy a ticket and sit in the bleachers. I think the bleachers existed when I was young but my cheap-o parents thought it wiser to stick the kids on the curb all night. I kid you not. We fell asleep in sleeping bags just as the first float arrived while the well rested folks rolled in (they "roughed it" in an RV all night) and watched the parade with hot coffee and bright eyes.

Alex took these pics and while I should probably have him write this post I think after three years of marriage we can practically read each others minds. So I will ad lib.

Wow, oohhh, ahhh!! Pretty flowers. How do they do that? Isn't this sort of a waste of flowers?I love bands. No really I (Alex) do love bands. We don't have huge marching bands like this in England. I love America. I am proud to be an American. Go Ohio!
Is this a giant tea pot? Now I am humming I'm a little tea pot and I can't get it out of my head.
Wow, check out those cheerleaders. Oh, I mean cool float. Go football.
Oohhh horses. Men with sombrero's. Who follows them and cleans up the poop? Hope the band isn't behind these guys. That could be a long 5 miles!
What is this big dog float? I want to see the float with the snow boarding dog.
Angels float. Isn't this supposed to be about football?
An oragami dragon. I wish I could do oragami, maybe that could be my new years resolution.
Look at the ponies. They are pulling men in little carts. I thought they didn't have gypsies in America? Somebody lied. Watch your wallets!
Here comes pocahantas.
The bald eagle. America's national bird. That was on my citizenship test. I am so smart.
That was fun. I'm tired, and hungry. Bet Sara and Lily got to sleep in. Rough life. Traffic getting outta here is gonna be BAD!

New Years Eve 2009

We had a great New years Eve planned. My mom generously offered to skip her crazy New Years Eve parties and stay home with Lily and Charlie so us "kids" could go out on the town. Our big dinner reservation ended up a flop. They were an hour behind on reservations so we decided to shine it. Ah big New Years Eve and we ended up at Islands. Oh well. After dinner we went to a fun party at Dae and Christy's house.

Rach brought a super fun glow stick kit. Always a fun time with Rach.
The other life of the party, Eric.
Dae and Christy's daughter Ava really stole the show though. She stayed up super late. We left at 1:30 AM and she was still up!
She let me put on all the bead necklaces and offered to give me a make over with her Barbie make up kit. Maybe next time Ava.
Aw happy new years husband!
Whoa, who thinks she is the life of the party now?
Meagan and Martin, hope you had a good time! We love ringing in the new year with you...two years in a row!! We were at their house in England last new years!
Uh oh, now the party turns into a dance party.
The "theme" of the party was wear your slippers and be comfortable. Well, they judged the two best pair of slippers and then had them do a "bump off" for the prize. Don't get me started. I think Dae made this game up to watch women bump butts.
Winding down after a LOT of dancing. Dae had a lot to drink. I think he was conscious in this picture but I doubt he remembers this.
More dancing. Eric and his friend are dance boxing?
Raise the roof Martin!
What a blast. We got to sleep until about 8AM which wasn't too bad. Alex however got up at 5:45 to go to the Rose Parade! I watched it on TV in my jammies with a hot cup o joe! Perfect!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Noon Years

New Years Eve day we met up with my college girl friends and their spouses and kids at the Pasadena Kidspace museum. It was a ton of fun to get all the kids together and enjoy the sunshine. They had a special event for New Years called noon years.

Lily quickly found the water table and got involved. Luckily she wasn't too covered in water. The sun was out but it was still a bit cold for water play.
Lily and Meagan's son Charlie play vegetable stand.
Papa takes Lily for a tricycle ride.
For noon years they had big nets full of balloons that they dropped at noon. They had a band playing kids music and even sparkling cider. All the kids got really into it.

Jason (Robbin's husband) gets Carsen ready for the drop.
Lily was on Papa's shoulders and Charlie was on his Papa Martin's shoulders. Martin is 6'4" tall so he was easy to spot!
Here we go, the balloon's are about to drop!
Everyone wanted a balloon to play with. From left, Lily, Charlie, and Carsen.
The four of us girls with our babies. From left: Jenn and Caeden, Robbin and Carsen, Lily and I, Meagan and Charlie.So cute! This is the first time we have all been together with our husbands and kids! The last time the four of us were together was my wedding reception!
The water fountain was so pretty and Lily wanted to jump in!
Perhaps her favorite thing besides water was the rock wall. She loves to climb and all the kids got involved.
Caeden is the "big boy" of the group. I think he might be out weighed by both Charlie and Carsen but he is the oldest at three years. Lily is the only girl so she had her pick of the men!
She is playing it hard to get for a minute.
Oh so bashful!
We had so much fun at noon years! We even got to have a peak at some of the Rose Bowl excitement as the museum is right near the Rose Bowl and they had some of the parade floats.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One for the gipper

We headed LA for a long New Years weekend to see friends and family. My good friend from college, Meagan, and her family were going to be in town from England. They took a train up from San Diego and stayed a few days with us in Simi.

For as many times as we have been in Simi Alex has never been to the Reagan Library so we all took a trip to check it out. They had special Christmas trees on display from around the world.

Lily wonders where all the presents are. Poor kids around the world. Do they know our trees have presents under them?
This picture is not terribly exciting except for the lovey accessory Lily has on her arm. It is a tiny little red purse that grandma had at her house. Lily has a thing for purses. Inside this purse on this day was Mary, and two wise men. Yup. She carried the thing through the entire museum slung on her arm. She did not want to give it up and please, do not try to zip the purse shut people!
The Reagan library houses a retired air force one plane. Super cool. I gotta get me one of these.
Probably the highlight for Lily and Charlie (Meagan and Martin's 14 month old son) was meeting some service dogs. Forget the airplane I want to play with the dog dog.
Once you reach the red carpet to go in the airplane you can't take any pictures. It is a matter of national security. Well that and they want to take your picture and sell it to you at the end. A little Disney-esque anyone?
A picture of the gipper made out of his favorite treat, jelly belly's. Do you know his favorite flavor? Black licorice. Just a little bit of trivia.
The oval office. Where it all goes down. Where the big decisions are made. Well and through the door to the left is the presidents actual office where most of his work is done. The oval office is mostly ceremonial these days. LAME! Why do they tell us these things and ruin our idea of what really goes on? Next you'll be telling me they don't sleep on the same mattress Lincoln did and that they get new sleep number beds or something.
It was a super cool trip. One we would like to do again when we don't have a toddler who has the attention span of well, a toddler, in tow.


Just after Christmas we spent a day at the aquarium with Kat and Ann and her family. Lily and Kat are really starting to recognize and remember each other and get excited to play together. They even started holding hands!! Neither one of them really knew what to do because they are each used to wrapping their hand around a big person finger. They seemed to figure it out!

Lil's the Science Kid

The day after Christmas in England is called boxing day. Generally you are supposed to put out a box for all the servants in your life and give them free stuff. No that's not right. I think I just made that up. Anyway, to most people it means you have friends and family over and generally sit around and eat tons more food left over from Christmas.

Not us go getters. We decided to be educational and go to the Pacific Science Center. It is located right under the space needle (right next to the church Hillary was supposed to get married in which is also located RIGHT UNDER the space needle). I digress for you Hillary. We had never been before so we thought it the perfect outing for us Davis'.

Upon entering you walk into a gallery of dinosaurs. Not real dinosaurs luckily. They are moving models and very realistic to a one and a half year old. I can't tell who had more fun, Lily or Grampy. Make note of the super cute Christmas gift outfit from Aunt Pam in England.
Uh Grampy, are you sure those sharp teeth won't bite me?
Gee, and I thought your feet were big Grampy!Kristen, this is the type of dinosaur you would be, if you were a dinosaur. Get it? Ankle o sore? Ha ha I just crack myself up!
They had a real super bug gallery that mom could just pass right by when she visits. Dad on the other hand had no problem holding the cute giant cockroach. Ewww! Lily prefers milk thank you very much.
Guess someone was ready for lunch. Thank goodness it is not a Hawaii special flying cockroach or you might have gotten more than you bargained for.Perhaps the best part of all was the toddler zone. It was full of climbing structures so Lily could show off her amazing dexterity.
You could sit in a helicopter for exactly one half a second before you were distracted and had to move on to the next thing.Then of course there was the indoor, winter time, giant water table. She could have stayed all day, all year even. Grampy had as much fun getting "schooled" by Lil's on how it's done. She sure showed him by dumping a whole bucket of water down the front of her dress! Ha ha! Way to watch her Grampy!
Perhaps the best item on display was the ginormous chair. It is like the ultimate naughty chair. Who wouldn't want a time out here? Unless your too cute for time out.
Somebody else what very naughty today!