Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Noon Years

New Years Eve day we met up with my college girl friends and their spouses and kids at the Pasadena Kidspace museum. It was a ton of fun to get all the kids together and enjoy the sunshine. They had a special event for New Years called noon years.

Lily quickly found the water table and got involved. Luckily she wasn't too covered in water. The sun was out but it was still a bit cold for water play.
Lily and Meagan's son Charlie play vegetable stand.
Papa takes Lily for a tricycle ride.
For noon years they had big nets full of balloons that they dropped at noon. They had a band playing kids music and even sparkling cider. All the kids got really into it.

Jason (Robbin's husband) gets Carsen ready for the drop.
Lily was on Papa's shoulders and Charlie was on his Papa Martin's shoulders. Martin is 6'4" tall so he was easy to spot!
Here we go, the balloon's are about to drop!
Everyone wanted a balloon to play with. From left, Lily, Charlie, and Carsen.
The four of us girls with our babies. From left: Jenn and Caeden, Robbin and Carsen, Lily and I, Meagan and Charlie.So cute! This is the first time we have all been together with our husbands and kids! The last time the four of us were together was my wedding reception!
The water fountain was so pretty and Lily wanted to jump in!
Perhaps her favorite thing besides water was the rock wall. She loves to climb and all the kids got involved.
Caeden is the "big boy" of the group. I think he might be out weighed by both Charlie and Carsen but he is the oldest at three years. Lily is the only girl so she had her pick of the men!
She is playing it hard to get for a minute.
Oh so bashful!
We had so much fun at noon years! We even got to have a peak at some of the Rose Bowl excitement as the museum is right near the Rose Bowl and they had some of the parade floats.

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