Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lil's the Science Kid

The day after Christmas in England is called boxing day. Generally you are supposed to put out a box for all the servants in your life and give them free stuff. No that's not right. I think I just made that up. Anyway, to most people it means you have friends and family over and generally sit around and eat tons more food left over from Christmas.

Not us go getters. We decided to be educational and go to the Pacific Science Center. It is located right under the space needle (right next to the church Hillary was supposed to get married in which is also located RIGHT UNDER the space needle). I digress for you Hillary. We had never been before so we thought it the perfect outing for us Davis'.

Upon entering you walk into a gallery of dinosaurs. Not real dinosaurs luckily. They are moving models and very realistic to a one and a half year old. I can't tell who had more fun, Lily or Grampy. Make note of the super cute Christmas gift outfit from Aunt Pam in England.
Uh Grampy, are you sure those sharp teeth won't bite me?
Gee, and I thought your feet were big Grampy!Kristen, this is the type of dinosaur you would be, if you were a dinosaur. Get it? Ankle o sore? Ha ha I just crack myself up!
They had a real super bug gallery that mom could just pass right by when she visits. Dad on the other hand had no problem holding the cute giant cockroach. Ewww! Lily prefers milk thank you very much.
Guess someone was ready for lunch. Thank goodness it is not a Hawaii special flying cockroach or you might have gotten more than you bargained for.Perhaps the best part of all was the toddler zone. It was full of climbing structures so Lily could show off her amazing dexterity.
You could sit in a helicopter for exactly one half a second before you were distracted and had to move on to the next thing.Then of course there was the indoor, winter time, giant water table. She could have stayed all day, all year even. Grampy had as much fun getting "schooled" by Lil's on how it's done. She sure showed him by dumping a whole bucket of water down the front of her dress! Ha ha! Way to watch her Grampy!
Perhaps the best item on display was the ginormous chair. It is like the ultimate naughty chair. Who wouldn't want a time out here? Unless your too cute for time out.
Somebody else what very naughty today!


  1. Oh my gosh, this blog cracked me up. The part about Kristen was awesome!!! Lily's outfit was super cute, and oh yeah, there totally is a church under the space needle!

  2. Love the photos and the commentary! Always entertaining! Love the shout out too :)