Friday, January 8, 2010

New Years Eve 2009

We had a great New years Eve planned. My mom generously offered to skip her crazy New Years Eve parties and stay home with Lily and Charlie so us "kids" could go out on the town. Our big dinner reservation ended up a flop. They were an hour behind on reservations so we decided to shine it. Ah big New Years Eve and we ended up at Islands. Oh well. After dinner we went to a fun party at Dae and Christy's house.

Rach brought a super fun glow stick kit. Always a fun time with Rach.
The other life of the party, Eric.
Dae and Christy's daughter Ava really stole the show though. She stayed up super late. We left at 1:30 AM and she was still up!
She let me put on all the bead necklaces and offered to give me a make over with her Barbie make up kit. Maybe next time Ava.
Aw happy new years husband!
Whoa, who thinks she is the life of the party now?
Meagan and Martin, hope you had a good time! We love ringing in the new year with you...two years in a row!! We were at their house in England last new years!
Uh oh, now the party turns into a dance party.
The "theme" of the party was wear your slippers and be comfortable. Well, they judged the two best pair of slippers and then had them do a "bump off" for the prize. Don't get me started. I think Dae made this game up to watch women bump butts.
Winding down after a LOT of dancing. Dae had a lot to drink. I think he was conscious in this picture but I doubt he remembers this.
More dancing. Eric and his friend are dance boxing?
Raise the roof Martin!
What a blast. We got to sleep until about 8AM which wasn't too bad. Alex however got up at 5:45 to go to the Rose Parade! I watched it on TV in my jammies with a hot cup o joe! Perfect!

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