Monday, January 25, 2010

We are gearing up for the winter Olympics around our house. Since we live so close to Vancouver and Whistler BC we thought we would really make these Olympics special.

Lily has shown a special interest in the Olympics. We are not sure what event she will likely train for. It seems gymnastics might be her forte as she likes to balance. Perhaps not the best idea to balance on objects that can move. This is what she decided to do while I was cleaning the house. I heard her giggling and turned to see this!

Now whenever you say "Olympics" she stops what she is doing and puts both arms up in the air.
I think we will work on balancing on one leg next!

No, unfortunately we are not going to any of the events. We will be watching it on the tele with the rest of you. We still have high hopes to attend the 2012 summer games in London! We'll see!


  1. what great form! she needs to start gymnastics like Jake to hone her talent!

  2. She really is the cutest ever!! Love it!! We are also hoping to go to the games in London so we will see you there!

  3. Adorable! She is getting so big! I am so sad I missed seeing her over the holidays. BUMMER!
    -Jenny, Bryce and Luke