Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One for the gipper

We headed LA for a long New Years weekend to see friends and family. My good friend from college, Meagan, and her family were going to be in town from England. They took a train up from San Diego and stayed a few days with us in Simi.

For as many times as we have been in Simi Alex has never been to the Reagan Library so we all took a trip to check it out. They had special Christmas trees on display from around the world.

Lily wonders where all the presents are. Poor kids around the world. Do they know our trees have presents under them?
This picture is not terribly exciting except for the lovey accessory Lily has on her arm. It is a tiny little red purse that grandma had at her house. Lily has a thing for purses. Inside this purse on this day was Mary, and two wise men. Yup. She carried the thing through the entire museum slung on her arm. She did not want to give it up and please, do not try to zip the purse shut people!
The Reagan library houses a retired air force one plane. Super cool. I gotta get me one of these.
Probably the highlight for Lily and Charlie (Meagan and Martin's 14 month old son) was meeting some service dogs. Forget the airplane I want to play with the dog dog.
Once you reach the red carpet to go in the airplane you can't take any pictures. It is a matter of national security. Well that and they want to take your picture and sell it to you at the end. A little Disney-esque anyone?
A picture of the gipper made out of his favorite treat, jelly belly's. Do you know his favorite flavor? Black licorice. Just a little bit of trivia.
The oval office. Where it all goes down. Where the big decisions are made. Well and through the door to the left is the presidents actual office where most of his work is done. The oval office is mostly ceremonial these days. LAME! Why do they tell us these things and ruin our idea of what really goes on? Next you'll be telling me they don't sleep on the same mattress Lincoln did and that they get new sleep number beds or something.
It was a super cool trip. One we would like to do again when we don't have a toddler who has the attention span of well, a toddler, in tow.

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