Friday, January 8, 2010

Rose Parade 2010

New Years day Alex, my Pops, the Davis' and Dan and Janine McCluskey (Rach's lovely parents) went to Pasadena to see the Rose Parade. I have been before so I opted to watch from home in my jammies.

Back in my day you had to sleep out on the street all night to get a good spot to watch the parade from the street. In these modern times you can buy a ticket and sit in the bleachers. I think the bleachers existed when I was young but my cheap-o parents thought it wiser to stick the kids on the curb all night. I kid you not. We fell asleep in sleeping bags just as the first float arrived while the well rested folks rolled in (they "roughed it" in an RV all night) and watched the parade with hot coffee and bright eyes.

Alex took these pics and while I should probably have him write this post I think after three years of marriage we can practically read each others minds. So I will ad lib.

Wow, oohhh, ahhh!! Pretty flowers. How do they do that? Isn't this sort of a waste of flowers?I love bands. No really I (Alex) do love bands. We don't have huge marching bands like this in England. I love America. I am proud to be an American. Go Ohio!
Is this a giant tea pot? Now I am humming I'm a little tea pot and I can't get it out of my head.
Wow, check out those cheerleaders. Oh, I mean cool float. Go football.
Oohhh horses. Men with sombrero's. Who follows them and cleans up the poop? Hope the band isn't behind these guys. That could be a long 5 miles!
What is this big dog float? I want to see the float with the snow boarding dog.
Angels float. Isn't this supposed to be about football?
An oragami dragon. I wish I could do oragami, maybe that could be my new years resolution.
Look at the ponies. They are pulling men in little carts. I thought they didn't have gypsies in America? Somebody lied. Watch your wallets!
Here comes pocahantas.
The bald eagle. America's national bird. That was on my citizenship test. I am so smart.
That was fun. I'm tired, and hungry. Bet Sara and Lily got to sleep in. Rough life. Traffic getting outta here is gonna be BAD!

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  1. I think you probably got it exactly right, I kept thinking "oh my gosh, Alex is writing a blog, oh no wait, it's Sara".