Sunday, January 3, 2010

Santa Came!!

We had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas morning at home in Seattle. Grampy and Grandma England came to visit and celebrate with us. I think Lily got so excited about her stocking she would have been happy to stop right there. She got her first tooth brush which she carried around all day, in her mouth.
Who was more excited about Lily's gifts, Grampy or her? She got a pretty sweet ride from Grampy.Winsty was pretty excited about his stocking too. The weirdest dog on earth carried his rawhide cigar around all day...and whined. He never really knows what to do with them but doesn't want to give them up either. He just whines because he doesn't know where to hide it.
I got photoshop for Christmas so I have been playing around a little bit. Check out the difference in this photo. That is one handsome dog!
Lily on her sweet ride. She is mostly interested in pushing the buttons and puttting things in and out of the boot (trunk).
Tickle time after brunch. Dad knows all the secret spots. Winsty is not amused.
Attempting to take a nice photo in front of the tree. Papa was hiding in the wings an tickling her to get some smiles.
Attempting a family photo. Almost good.
Attempting one for Grandma and Grampy. Someone is always looking away.
Ah, photoshop can fix that! Now I just need to figure out how to adjust the lighting.
Too much fun for one day. Grandma reads Lily some night time stories.
Hope your Christmas was Merry! Next up is New Years in LA.

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  1. Photo shop , how fun! Did you make figgy pudding for the in laws?