Friday, February 19, 2010

Balem-times Day!

Cousins came to town for the weekend to celebrate Valentine's Day with us. Or as we like to call it, balem-times day. It sure was a lot of fun. Wii all had fun playing the wii they got for Christmas. Owen and Alex even reached the highest level on Lego Indiana Jones to date!
I think Charlie appreciated Lily has some new toys since their last visit as well. Finally her baby cousin is growing up enough to have some fun toys.
We tried to get some Valentines photos like we did last year. Did I mention how hard it is to get three kids to sit and smile nicely all at once? I think this year was much more a success than last year. Grandma, don't start asking for copies already!
A little tickle is always helpful!
Then it got boring, everyone got sour, time to go out and play!
The playground has something for everyone! Charlie is a MASTER of the monkey bars! She can swing from ring to ring and even skip a ring in between!
Lily could spend all day on the play structure. She cries EVERY TIME we leave. Real tears. I mean sobs. Now we can't even walk past the playground without crying to go. Next I wont be able to drive by one.
Owen is football obsessed. No joke. He wanted to play catch all day, or Wii football.
What Valentine's day would be complete without a special home made Valentine from Dan and Janine. They made owl valentine's with pencils! So cute.

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  1. That sounds like some serious playground drama. It might be risky to come visit us anytime soon, we couldn't even walk out the front door without a meltdown.