Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Home School

Alex and I have made a very important decision in the education of our daughter. Since I am staying home with her during the week days I will be in charge of her education. Yes, she is being home schooled. Well, that is until she is old enough to go to preschool and then it is out the door baby!! Well, with a few tears of course.

To be honest she has just developed an obsession with coloring. To minimize the possibility of rogue coloring around the house (we have already had some experience with that) I have decided that "school work" will be done in the high chair. It actually works out well for all of us. She has a stable surface and chair to work from and I can make breakfast while she does her "work."
Being an independent minded individual she has decided coloring books are no fun. She prefers a blank notebook. Or her face. Don't worry, they are washable crayons, oh and non toxic for you grandparents. We have also found the need to bust open the egg coloring cups because they are fun to play with too. After recess (playground) we are back to school work. She spent an hour this afternoon doing her coloring. Each page gets a few scribbles before the page is turned and the next one gets a scribble.
Purple cheeks!
For some down time we work on our IT skills. She is 99.9% her father (she eats sandwiches with a fork people!) She is already a fan of the iphone. I don't suppose it has anything to do with the fact her favorite show is on there? Oh and I did not pose her this way. I was cleaning and found her reclined like this. Maybe that is the 0.1% of me in her?


  1. 1. When you said you were homeschooling, my jaw literally hit the ground...and then I read on:).

    2. Amity doesn't go anywhere without a role of scotch tape, blank paper, and crayons in her purse. The scotch tape is so she can tape the paper to whatever surface S. is sitting in front of so paper doesn't go flying.

    3. L is getting so big, and I love her lounging!

  2. ditto to what Hillary said. I was like what????? intervention time.
    she is so freakin cute