Friday, April 23, 2010

Monkeying around

Little is growing up WAY too fast! She is running now, none of this slow granny hobble! She is desperate to be able to jump. She really thinks she can jump and practices all the time. She gets up on her tippy toes but never leaves the ground. When she does this in public strangers all stop to watch and laugh.

She is expanding her very small vocabulary and surprises us with a new word here and there. Her favorite words right now are...shit ear (sit here). She has found this is useful for so many things. She can tell us to sit somewhere, tell Winsty to sit, and point at her plate to tell us to shit ear (put more food on her plate).

She has been displaying some two year old like behavior recently. Her little mini tantrums are almost funny. She is still getting teeth, again slow as molasses for her age. I think her crabbiness is more related to teething than it is terrible two's but time will tell.

She is currently obsessed with Curious George and all things related to him. She watches the videos and could read the books all day. She makes monkey sounds whenever she see's him and pounds her chest like a monkey (or ape). She is also very interested in shish (fish) and tata's (turtles). She is also extremely fond of her best friend Kat. She can say Kat and when they are together they have to hold hands with each other and repeat each others names over and over. Kat just had her second birthday and I think Lily had as much fun as if it was her own birthday. It is so nice they are at an age where they don't really "get" that the gifts aren't for them. She was happy to help open gifts and play with them and then go home.

She recently had her first doughnut and surprised me that she picked out a sprinkle one and ate half of it! I guess she has a sweet tooth after all. Still her father's daughter though, he likes doughnuts too. Maybe it is a little Grampy England in her?

We have had hints of Spring here and there and take full advantage of any sunshine. We made popsicles out of yogurt and juice. Lily really liked it, for about three bites, then it became a toy to swing around and taunt the dog with. She loves when he chases her. She could spend all day in the backyard. We have to trick her to get her to come in the house. Let's just say her clothes are not going to last long with all her dirt digging and rolling around on the ground.
We have found a preschool with a two year old class for Lily in the fall. She will go for two and a half hours twice a week. She loved our open house visit and hopefully it will be an easy transition in the fall. It will be nice for her to have time with other kids her age away from mom. She was sold when she saw the big indoor play structure with a slide.

We have a busy May coming up with a visit from Grandma and Grampy England, some Mommy get away time when Kristen comes to visit from Madison, and a trip to Carpinteria at the end of May. We will also have the big 20 week ultrasound at the beginning of May and get to find out if Lily will have a brother or sister. We can't wait to find out.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gramma and Grampa visit

Welcome to Seattle in spring Grandma and Grandpa Peterson!!! We loved having you visit. Hope you enjoyed our tulip festival!

Lily wanted to smell them all.
Grandpa breaks the "rules" and goes in the rows of tulips for a good picture.
These guys sure do love them some Lily!
Lily tried to squat down like Grandpa and ends up falling on her bum. From then on she thinks it's a good idea to sit in all the fields. Real funny Lily!
What a pretty day and pretty picture.
Sitting in the dirt again, so fun!
Almost as fun as mud sitting is jumping off things. We are big on jumping these days, only her feet don't leave the ground yet.
Riding frog statues is really fun too.
Grandma brought Lily an Easter bonnet. She was more than happy to pose wearing it! Maybe it was an angry moment?
Thanks for coming G&G, we miss you and had tons of fun!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter

This is what Lily woke up to find the easter bunny had left! Lucky girl, no chocolates but plenty of treats.She loves these strollers at the stores, it is a very useful tool. You can haul your easter grass all over the house with it.
Papa got a new hat! Just trying it on to make sure it fits Lily too.
We colored eggs in the afternoon. I am not sure she got what we were doing. Plenty of mess was made as well.

Not a bad job though?
Now for the egg hunt. Because she is not so delicate with the real eggs we filled plastic ones with honey graham bunnies. I think Lily could do this every day.

Someone was not too pleased about being left out. He had his own egg hunt later for his dinner. He loves easter too.
We ended the day with some play doh while Mama made dinner. Alex is quite good at it. His "meat pie" was so realistic Lily tried to eat the peas.

Let the hunting begin

A neighborhood center near our house hosted an easter egg hunt on Saturday. We knew it would be packed but thought Lily would get a kick out of it. The early entertainment was a bubble man. He is very popular with the kids and VERY bizarre. He drives a purple mini van and wears all purple and makes massive bubbles and sing weird songs he wrote. It was super cold out but no one seemed to mind.The hunt was actually well organized and Lily was in the three and under group. She figured out pretty quickly what it was all about and got her fair share of chocolates. Grampy would be proud!

No, it was not held at a prison. It was a shopping center but this shop was closed. Looks a bit creepy though doesn't it?
They even had an easter bunny, face painting, crafts and music. We were worn out and it was only ten am!

I left my heart...

We were lucky enough to spend a long weekend in San Francisco to celebrate our anniversary (four years now!) and visit our friend Brandi who is living in the city. She graciously invited us and offered to watch Lily so we could go out on the town one night. It was fabulous.

The weather was great most of the visit. You can't go for a visit and not get a photo with the golden gate bridge. This is Lily's first trip, the first of many I am sure. One thing I never paid much attention to in SF when I visited or lived there was how many great playgrounds they have. Guess I never needed to know before! Lily was ready to move there for good. Golden Gate park has an awesome toddler playground. She stole "borrowed" some sand toys and had a blast.

They also have an antique carousel. It was her first ride and she loved it. She cried when it was over!

She has become a master at the slides. Once we try it out a few times we can almost let her do it all on her own!
A nice walk around the city. Alcatraz in the background, just so Lily knows to behave herself.
What trip to the city would be complete without a ride on a cable car.
Lily was pretty unimpressed until it started moving, then hold on!!

Thanks for the great visit Brandi! Can't wait to see you up in Seattle for the U2 concert!

Spring break baby

Cousins Owen and Charlie and Aunt Tonya came up for a few days on their Spring break. We even had spring weather for once! It was great. During their "staycation" we all went to the aquarium. Lily is an old pro at this aquarium. She loves the tide pools, mostly she likes to splash her fingers in the water.Cousins were more scientific and leaned about the sea creatures and actually touched them.

They have all these cut out pictures and they were a big hit this time. Usually Lily wont put her face in but this time she loved it. You can see all three in this one.
Lily and Charlie do some deep sea diving. Practice for the next Hawaii trip.
We tried to get a nice pic of all three kids but Lily was not about to turn around and look.
Charlie found a cozy spot to relax and Owen climbed on.
GET ME OFF THIS THING! Someone has some serious ideas of what she doesn't want these days. Can you believe we survived lunch at Red Robin and a trip to Trophy cupcakes with this sort of sassy girl along! We survived, just barely!
Come back next Spring guys, we will have more adventures!

Go Go Go Go

Lily thinks bubbles are called go go go go. You see, fish say glub glub glub (pronounced go go go by Lily). In books anyway, that is the sound they make, and they have bubbles coming out of their mouth. So it makes perfect sense that bubbles must be called go go go. Every time she see's a fish, a picture of a fish, and of course bubbles it is GO GO GO GO!!!!

We bought a bubble machine that produces a mass amount of bubbles. It keeps us from passing out trying to blow enough bubbles to keep up with Lily and Winsty, It is quite possibly their favorite activity. Winsty chased and ate so many bubbles the first morning he made himself sick.
What a beautiful spring day!

After bubbles we did some sidewalk chalk.
Snakes (Ssssssss) and butterflies (flutter flutter flutter) are some faves.
Winsty fell asleep in the sun on the chalk art and ended up with pink fur. Silly dog!
What a beautiful day, we can't wait for summer and water fun!