Sunday, April 4, 2010

Go Go Go Go

Lily thinks bubbles are called go go go go. You see, fish say glub glub glub (pronounced go go go by Lily). In books anyway, that is the sound they make, and they have bubbles coming out of their mouth. So it makes perfect sense that bubbles must be called go go go. Every time she see's a fish, a picture of a fish, and of course bubbles it is GO GO GO GO!!!!

We bought a bubble machine that produces a mass amount of bubbles. It keeps us from passing out trying to blow enough bubbles to keep up with Lily and Winsty, It is quite possibly their favorite activity. Winsty chased and ate so many bubbles the first morning he made himself sick.
What a beautiful spring day!

After bubbles we did some sidewalk chalk.
Snakes (Ssssssss) and butterflies (flutter flutter flutter) are some faves.
Winsty fell asleep in the sun on the chalk art and ended up with pink fur. Silly dog!
What a beautiful day, we can't wait for summer and water fun!

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  1. So much fun!!! Too bad Wisty got himself sick. I can't believe how big L looks!!!!