Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gramma and Grampa visit

Welcome to Seattle in spring Grandma and Grandpa Peterson!!! We loved having you visit. Hope you enjoyed our tulip festival!

Lily wanted to smell them all.
Grandpa breaks the "rules" and goes in the rows of tulips for a good picture.
These guys sure do love them some Lily!
Lily tried to squat down like Grandpa and ends up falling on her bum. From then on she thinks it's a good idea to sit in all the fields. Real funny Lily!
What a pretty day and pretty picture.
Sitting in the dirt again, so fun!
Almost as fun as mud sitting is jumping off things. We are big on jumping these days, only her feet don't leave the ground yet.
Riding frog statues is really fun too.
Grandma brought Lily an Easter bonnet. She was more than happy to pose wearing it! Maybe it was an angry moment?
Thanks for coming G&G, we miss you and had tons of fun!


  1. Tulip time, so fun!!!

    That picture of L in the bonnet is so funny!!!

  2. Love the picture with the bonnet!! I cannot believe how long her hair is!

  3. the bonnet pic is priceless, love it.