Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter

This is what Lily woke up to find the easter bunny had left! Lucky girl, no chocolates but plenty of treats.She loves these strollers at the stores, it is a very useful tool. You can haul your easter grass all over the house with it.
Papa got a new hat! Just trying it on to make sure it fits Lily too.
We colored eggs in the afternoon. I am not sure she got what we were doing. Plenty of mess was made as well.

Not a bad job though?
Now for the egg hunt. Because she is not so delicate with the real eggs we filled plastic ones with honey graham bunnies. I think Lily could do this every day.

Someone was not too pleased about being left out. He had his own egg hunt later for his dinner. He loves easter too.
We ended the day with some play doh while Mama made dinner. Alex is quite good at it. His "meat pie" was so realistic Lily tried to eat the peas.


  1. Poor Wisty! Oh, and L's Easter dress is to die cute!!!!

  2. Love it! Looks like fun! We missed you in So Cal.
    Give Lily kisses from Lukey.

  3. love the green dress, I want one in my size.
    echo what Hill said, poor Winsty !