Sunday, April 4, 2010

I left my heart...

We were lucky enough to spend a long weekend in San Francisco to celebrate our anniversary (four years now!) and visit our friend Brandi who is living in the city. She graciously invited us and offered to watch Lily so we could go out on the town one night. It was fabulous.

The weather was great most of the visit. You can't go for a visit and not get a photo with the golden gate bridge. This is Lily's first trip, the first of many I am sure. One thing I never paid much attention to in SF when I visited or lived there was how many great playgrounds they have. Guess I never needed to know before! Lily was ready to move there for good. Golden Gate park has an awesome toddler playground. She stole "borrowed" some sand toys and had a blast.

They also have an antique carousel. It was her first ride and she loved it. She cried when it was over!

She has become a master at the slides. Once we try it out a few times we can almost let her do it all on her own!
A nice walk around the city. Alcatraz in the background, just so Lily knows to behave herself.
What trip to the city would be complete without a ride on a cable car.
Lily was pretty unimpressed until it started moving, then hold on!!

Thanks for the great visit Brandi! Can't wait to see you up in Seattle for the U2 concert!

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  1. I had so much fun with you guys. So funny how we were playing at the ghetto playground with the nice one right next door. doh !