Monday, May 17, 2010

G&G plus Lily makes three!

Lily had so much fun with Grampy and Grandma England last weekend. They came up from California for a long weekend to celebrate Mother's day with us before returning home to England. We made sure to have warmth and sun for them!

Mother's day we took a trip to Snoqualmie falls. Couldn't ask for a better day out! Lily gets a high ride from Grampy.
G&G at the falls. I think they were impressed.Lily got a special treat from Grampy at the falls, she ate almost the whole thing!!
Of course no one likes to eat ice cream alone!We have been spending a ton of time in our newly jazzed up back yard (garden).
Lily loves to do the watering. We honestly can't get her out of the garden. She cries if we take her in the house, and it is nearly impossible to go out and straight to the car without stopping.
Showing off our new putting green! One of her favorite things...balloons! Too bad we let go and they fly away!!
After a rough week in the garden we had to soak her feet! No joke. She had so many splinters from the mulch and running around barefoot we had to soak her feet to try to get them out! She didn't mind one bit and no complaints as long as Curious George is on!

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