Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Two" cute for words!!

Every birthday should start out with chocolate chip pancakes and eggs!! Of course she picked out and ate all the M&M's first! I knew she was a smart girl!!
After a morning of swimming in the hotel pool Lily's cousin's helped decorate outside for the party.
Not only do they decorate outside they also did some cupcake decorating for the party. Well, they ended up eating all their work, but it was fun. Lily's pre-party cupcake, chocolate with chocolate icing. This is her telling us how old she is. She can't hold up two fingers so she holds up two hands and says TWO!!
This is a rough job but somebody's got to do it!
These are the final product (non finger licked version) made by Mommy
Get this party started! The girl friends arrive. Lily, Zella and Kat do some dirty work digging.
After dinner it's cupcake time! Since we practiced on chocolate, we went for banana cake with cream cheese frosting this time. She only made it through the frosting though.
It's present time! She had lots of helpers.
It was hard to keep going when they wanted to stop and play with each gift.
Curious George pajamas and stuffed doll from Grandma Peterson!
Cousin Charlie and Lily play with the "choo choo" set. Thomas the train is a big hit in our house right now.
As the party winds down we bring in the balloons. Finally Lily gets her hands on them. She has never had this many at one time before. I think she didn't want to let them go.
End the wonderful day with a story from Grampy and Grandma England, sent all the way from Italy!
What a wonderful birthday! Thanks to everyone who could celebrate with us and those who wished Lily Happy Birthday from afar!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Strawberry Fields

It started out sunny and warm. They were clean and hungry! The best of friends!
We traversed the great field to make it to the strawberries! Grandma, Lily, Kat, Ann, and Jojo!
The first strawberry is always the sweetest and juiciest!
Ahhh...natures candy!
About 10 dirty strawberries, stems and all they were still at it. Tag team extraoirdinaire! Let no plant go unpicked!
I think more eating occurred than picking.
Just a few more, you did say this was all you can eat right?
Do I have something on my face?
Ok, we're full! What is a day at the strawberry fields without a corny face cut out photo?

What a fun time Gopgop!
Fast forward 8 hours....

strawberry-rhubarb crumble

strawberry rhubarb crumble ala Smitten Kitchen!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I know most of you are starting to sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer...... no that is not what this post is about.

I happened to glance at the ticker on our blog today and we have 99 days to go until "Davis 2.0" or "los dos" is born!!! Wow, it sure seems close when you think of it like that. We have 3 months to go.

Are we ready? Well really, what is there to get ready when it is the second and another girl? All we have to do is move Lily to another bedroom, get her used to a big girl bed so she can give her crib to baby sister and then get her room ready for a newborn. Oh and it might be a little helpful if she would get the clue that another human being was about to move into her house and be in her mother's arms a good portion of the day. No big deal right? Hmmmm....not going to be so easy I think.

We are waiting until after Lily's birthday and Grandma P's visit to make the big bedroom switch. She is such a great sleeper we are crossing all fingers and some toes in hopes this won't "screw her up," thus interrupting our lovely sleep. She takes 2 hour naps daily and sleeps about 12 hours at night, straight through. Who would want to mess with that?

Whenever we talk about baby sister she looks at us with glazed over eyes and starts talking about some other subject, usually George (Curious George that is). Perhaps when all the sweet little socks and onesies come out of the storage bins she will get the idea.

Perhaps a beer is what we all need. The rest will work itself out. So have a beer for me and while your at it have some sushi too!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


World cup fever has hit our home in a bad way!
Lily did have her "I heart the UK" shirt on for the game but a little water table fun soaked that! I guess you can tell who we are rooting for. Alex was not thrilled about the draw but we will see how both teams do. Hope you are enjoying the games and the lovely buzzing bee noise!! YUCK!

Friday, June 11, 2010


We have been busy since we returned from Cali. We have 2 old boo boo's on our foot. Monday we added a nice shiner to that. Who knew when you bend over to pick up a toy you should watch out for the coffee table that is directly in front of you.

It is hard to see in these pics but her "shiner" has faded to a purple/yellow bruise under her left eye. We added a bump on the head to the list this morning when we fell out of the crib. Guess she didn't notice me putting the side rail down and took a head first dive right out. It was a true acrobatic delight and landed flat on her back but somehow hit her head on the rails on the way down. At this rate we will be arrested in a months time for neglect! I guess it is a good thing I work in a children's ER so I can talk myself out of taking her on a daily basis.
On a side note, her favorite new word she learned in LA just so happens to be.....Rrrrrrrrrach! It can be used in so many instances even when it has nothing to do with what we are doing. It is so cute I had to get a video. Once again I am too lazy to edit out the beginning where she is whining for me to hand her the camera. She gives a shout out to Rach every morning when she wakes up in her new owl quilt and when she see's the crayons and coloring book. Sorry Grandma Nini but she associates it all with Rach since she brought it over!! We love it all though!!


Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma England we got to spend a week at their condo in Carpinteria. What a fun and relaxing time! Memorial weekend was warm and sunny. We wasted no time hitting the beach.
Lily has NO FEAR of water. She jumped right in where she left off in Hawaii. If anything she was even more interested in the water this time and almost wouldn't get out without a fight. We have a water baby on our hands.
The sand was entertaining as well, as long as we had a big bucket of water to splash in.
We are not picky when it comes to the type of water. Pools will do as well as the ocean. The pool at the condo was heated so it was just the right temp. The ocean was a bit cold. Grandma Peterson takes her water baby for a splash!
Our McCluskey peeps came for a splast at the combo as well. We grilled it up on the BBQ and walked around town. What a fun day!

We took Lily to the Santa Barbara zoo. It was just the right size for a little one who refused to sit in the stroller. What brings such a grin to the girl? Gorillas? Elephants? No, birds. Seriously? I hate birds.
They have a "choo choo" that goes around the zoo. It was blue like Thomas. It was a big hit.
She had to wave and say,"Hi Choo Choo" about a thousand times.
Feeding the baby elephant some goldfish crackers.
I liked the giraffe's even if Lily was unimpressed.
We also did a little craft to leave in the condo for G&G!
There is a beach side restaurant with a huge sandpit filled with toys for the kids. It was awesome. You can enjoy food and beers in an adirondack chair while Lily happily played. She did want Dad to play with her at times. Soon enough she will have a sibling and we can both sit back and let them play with each other. We can dream right?
We did the official touristy thing and rented an umbrella bike at the beach in Santa Barbara. Lily really enjoyed it. She should, there were no pedals in the front row.
Token family photo.
Every time we got in or out of the car Lily asked to go in the "Poo". We got her a little inflatable "shish" to sit in. What a hit.
Our last day at the beach. We had to try out the condo chairs and new fancy umbrellas to match. This is the life!
Enough R&R, Lily has home work to do and sits at her desk very studiously. She then proceeded to color on the new chair. Good thing for washable crayons!
Here is a little video from the beach. I didn't edit it so just bear with the boring parts!


We traveled to LA last week to get some sunshine and R&R. While there my best college girl friends were so kind to throw me a "sprinkle" (a small baby shower). It was so much fun and they did such a great job. The food was wonderful and it was great to all be together and see all the kids together again.
Robbin (right) hosted and Jessica (left).
Jenn and Caeden. He is the oldest (four) and was the only boy until little Carsen came along.
We tried to get pictures of the four kids all together. The last time we did this was just about one year ago and was a similar fiasco. At least this time the three oldest were easily bribed with mini M&M's. From left is Caeden (Jenn's son, 4 yrs) Sofia (Jessica's daughter, 3yrs) Lily (will be two end of the month) and in front is Carsen (Robbin's son, just turned one!)
Carsen is walking and makes a quick get away. I am sure he would be happy to have the M&M but doesn't grasp the concept of having to stay sitting to get it!This is last years attempt! Lily was tore up with no nap. At least this time she held it together a little better.I am the first of us college girls to have their second baby so I am braving uncharted territory for us all. I will be sure to lie to them all and say how easy and blissful it is so they have more babies too! I look forward to many more "sprinkles" for them in the future. We were missing Meagan and her little Charlie terribly but we did get to see them at New Years!