Thursday, June 17, 2010

I know most of you are starting to sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer...... no that is not what this post is about.

I happened to glance at the ticker on our blog today and we have 99 days to go until "Davis 2.0" or "los dos" is born!!! Wow, it sure seems close when you think of it like that. We have 3 months to go.

Are we ready? Well really, what is there to get ready when it is the second and another girl? All we have to do is move Lily to another bedroom, get her used to a big girl bed so she can give her crib to baby sister and then get her room ready for a newborn. Oh and it might be a little helpful if she would get the clue that another human being was about to move into her house and be in her mother's arms a good portion of the day. No big deal right? Hmmmm....not going to be so easy I think.

We are waiting until after Lily's birthday and Grandma P's visit to make the big bedroom switch. She is such a great sleeper we are crossing all fingers and some toes in hopes this won't "screw her up," thus interrupting our lovely sleep. She takes 2 hour naps daily and sleeps about 12 hours at night, straight through. Who would want to mess with that?

Whenever we talk about baby sister she looks at us with glazed over eyes and starts talking about some other subject, usually George (Curious George that is). Perhaps when all the sweet little socks and onesies come out of the storage bins she will get the idea.

Perhaps a beer is what we all need. The rest will work itself out. So have a beer for me and while your at it have some sushi too!!


  1. I though Jake would have difficulties with all of our moving, but he's been a champ. He hasn't always been a good sleeper, but has been for the better half of his three years! My advice is to bring with you as much of her old room things as possible. Not everything, but the important things. Music, nightlight, blankets, light thingy for the ceiling. You get the idea. Anytime we move Jake, he knows he will always have those things. And no we are not in our new house yet. 1 more month! Good luck.

  2. I will commit to the beer and sushi. what are friends for.