Friday, June 11, 2010


Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma England we got to spend a week at their condo in Carpinteria. What a fun and relaxing time! Memorial weekend was warm and sunny. We wasted no time hitting the beach.
Lily has NO FEAR of water. She jumped right in where she left off in Hawaii. If anything she was even more interested in the water this time and almost wouldn't get out without a fight. We have a water baby on our hands.
The sand was entertaining as well, as long as we had a big bucket of water to splash in.
We are not picky when it comes to the type of water. Pools will do as well as the ocean. The pool at the condo was heated so it was just the right temp. The ocean was a bit cold. Grandma Peterson takes her water baby for a splash!
Our McCluskey peeps came for a splast at the combo as well. We grilled it up on the BBQ and walked around town. What a fun day!

We took Lily to the Santa Barbara zoo. It was just the right size for a little one who refused to sit in the stroller. What brings such a grin to the girl? Gorillas? Elephants? No, birds. Seriously? I hate birds.
They have a "choo choo" that goes around the zoo. It was blue like Thomas. It was a big hit.
She had to wave and say,"Hi Choo Choo" about a thousand times.
Feeding the baby elephant some goldfish crackers.
I liked the giraffe's even if Lily was unimpressed.
We also did a little craft to leave in the condo for G&G!
There is a beach side restaurant with a huge sandpit filled with toys for the kids. It was awesome. You can enjoy food and beers in an adirondack chair while Lily happily played. She did want Dad to play with her at times. Soon enough she will have a sibling and we can both sit back and let them play with each other. We can dream right?
We did the official touristy thing and rented an umbrella bike at the beach in Santa Barbara. Lily really enjoyed it. She should, there were no pedals in the front row.
Token family photo.
Every time we got in or out of the car Lily asked to go in the "Poo". We got her a little inflatable "shish" to sit in. What a hit.
Our last day at the beach. We had to try out the condo chairs and new fancy umbrellas to match. This is the life!
Enough R&R, Lily has home work to do and sits at her desk very studiously. She then proceeded to color on the new chair. Good thing for washable crayons!
Here is a little video from the beach. I didn't edit it so just bear with the boring parts!

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