Friday, June 11, 2010


We have been busy since we returned from Cali. We have 2 old boo boo's on our foot. Monday we added a nice shiner to that. Who knew when you bend over to pick up a toy you should watch out for the coffee table that is directly in front of you.

It is hard to see in these pics but her "shiner" has faded to a purple/yellow bruise under her left eye. We added a bump on the head to the list this morning when we fell out of the crib. Guess she didn't notice me putting the side rail down and took a head first dive right out. It was a true acrobatic delight and landed flat on her back but somehow hit her head on the rails on the way down. At this rate we will be arrested in a months time for neglect! I guess it is a good thing I work in a children's ER so I can talk myself out of taking her on a daily basis.
On a side note, her favorite new word she learned in LA just so happens to be.....Rrrrrrrrrach! It can be used in so many instances even when it has nothing to do with what we are doing. It is so cute I had to get a video. Once again I am too lazy to edit out the beginning where she is whining for me to hand her the camera. She gives a shout out to Rach every morning when she wakes up in her new owl quilt and when she see's the crayons and coloring book. Sorry Grandma Nini but she associates it all with Rach since she brought it over!! We love it all though!!

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  1. I love it!!! I love you too Lily and boy do I miss you a bunch!!! She is just too cute.... xoxoxoxo.