Friday, June 11, 2010


We traveled to LA last week to get some sunshine and R&R. While there my best college girl friends were so kind to throw me a "sprinkle" (a small baby shower). It was so much fun and they did such a great job. The food was wonderful and it was great to all be together and see all the kids together again.
Robbin (right) hosted and Jessica (left).
Jenn and Caeden. He is the oldest (four) and was the only boy until little Carsen came along.
We tried to get pictures of the four kids all together. The last time we did this was just about one year ago and was a similar fiasco. At least this time the three oldest were easily bribed with mini M&M's. From left is Caeden (Jenn's son, 4 yrs) Sofia (Jessica's daughter, 3yrs) Lily (will be two end of the month) and in front is Carsen (Robbin's son, just turned one!)
Carsen is walking and makes a quick get away. I am sure he would be happy to have the M&M but doesn't grasp the concept of having to stay sitting to get it!This is last years attempt! Lily was tore up with no nap. At least this time she held it together a little better.I am the first of us college girls to have their second baby so I am braving uncharted territory for us all. I will be sure to lie to them all and say how easy and blissful it is so they have more babies too! I look forward to many more "sprinkles" for them in the future. We were missing Meagan and her little Charlie terribly but we did get to see them at New Years!

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  1. Sara all I can say is I miss you guys too!! I have been a bit homesick lately. Its just hard sometimes cause I know it will be a long time before I see you guys again. It looks like you guys had a great time together. Lily is growing up so fast. I think its the age with all this falling and running into things. At one point recently Charlie had 3 bruises on his head. I hope all is well with you. Love and miss you meagan, martin and Charlie