Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Two" cute for words!!

Every birthday should start out with chocolate chip pancakes and eggs!! Of course she picked out and ate all the M&M's first! I knew she was a smart girl!!
After a morning of swimming in the hotel pool Lily's cousin's helped decorate outside for the party.
Not only do they decorate outside they also did some cupcake decorating for the party. Well, they ended up eating all their work, but it was fun. Lily's pre-party cupcake, chocolate with chocolate icing. This is her telling us how old she is. She can't hold up two fingers so she holds up two hands and says TWO!!
This is a rough job but somebody's got to do it!
These are the final product (non finger licked version) made by Mommy
Get this party started! The girl friends arrive. Lily, Zella and Kat do some dirty work digging.
After dinner it's cupcake time! Since we practiced on chocolate, we went for banana cake with cream cheese frosting this time. She only made it through the frosting though.
It's present time! She had lots of helpers.
It was hard to keep going when they wanted to stop and play with each gift.
Curious George pajamas and stuffed doll from Grandma Peterson!
Cousin Charlie and Lily play with the "choo choo" set. Thomas the train is a big hit in our house right now.
As the party winds down we bring in the balloons. Finally Lily gets her hands on them. She has never had this many at one time before. I think she didn't want to let them go.
End the wonderful day with a story from Grampy and Grandma England, sent all the way from Italy!
What a wonderful birthday! Thanks to everyone who could celebrate with us and those who wished Lily Happy Birthday from afar!

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  1. It looks like Lily had a wonderful Birthday!!! Give her lots of hugs and smooches from Uncle E and Raaacchhh xoxoxo