Friday, July 16, 2010

Choo Choo

One of Lily's favorite things lately is trains. She has several Thomas the train sets she got for her birthday but loves trains of any sort. I don't think she really knows what Thomas is all about since we don't watch the videos but we have some books she loves. When we heard Thomas was going to be in town we thought she would love to go have a ride. He was at a local train museum and you get to ride on the train.
Here is Thomas. Something tells me he is not really pulling this train. I think he was actually made of plastic.
We saw Sir Topham hat. No we did not approach him. Scary man in plastic costume causes nervous shaking and clinging to mom.
We did partake in the train tables, it was FULL of boys so Lily had to hold her own with the big guys.
We also got a sweet tattoo. Her first. She again, had to cling to mom and bury her face in my shoulder and cling for life during the application. When it was all over however, she could not have been more thrilled. I think she is going to be very sad when it washes off. It could be her new favorite thing!
Miss "too cool" was also not interested in posing next to the train by herself, although she was more than happy to wave at it and pet it.
This is us on our ride. We had a great time. It lasted about 25 minutes and went to a local waterfall and back. The scenery was beautiful and we had the best seat in the train.
See, I told you we had the best seat. When the train stopped for a few minutes before reversing back to the station we had a perfect unobscured view of the river.
I would definitely recommend checking out Thomas if he comes to your neighborhood. I think one of the highlights was the scenery on the ride though, so if yours just toots about town it might not be so fun. Oh and at $18 a person (including kids over 2... which Lily will be two any day now....shhhh...) it could get spendy. I think next time we will send Lily with Dad and I can hit the nearby outlet mall.


  1. Lily is totally bad ass with her tattoo! Now it looks like it's daddy's turn to get one. Maybe a little "I heart Sara" would be appropriate!

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