Friday, July 16, 2010

Hot time, summer in the city!

Now that summer has finally arrived in Seattle we are making the most of the heat by....keeping cool!! We went to a local park that has a splash pad. It is pretty sweet, and pretty crowded. This was 10 minutes after it opened. After that it was like "where's waldo" and you could not see through the sea of kids.
Of course Lilsy like to play with a bucket and watering can. Glad we came all this way. Like her get up? She has such fair, sensitive skin she can't take day after day of sunscreen. This sweet rash guard and board shorts keep her covered.
We have also been taking in some local arts. They have concerts every week downtown and a sweet band was playing so all our best friends made it out! Lily and BFF get ready for the show.
They put on a great show but it got super hot and we almost melted into the concrete.
On the weekend we walked around our lake and enjoyed the milk carton derby. Kids make boats and rafts out of milk cartons and race them on the lake. We tend to miss it every year so we made sure to get there early this year. Lily is planning her water craft for the future.
We like the balloons one best!
Ok, we are hot again, back to our pool. This is the kids pool right by our house. We go almost every day. Lily is a bit obsessed with it now.
It is even more fun when Kat comes too!
Ahhh...that feels better. When we are not at the splash pad, or pool, or concerts, we have our water table in the back yard to mess around with.

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  1. Oh my gosh, the angle of Kat's sunglasses and top of her bathing suit could not be more perfect. That picture totally cracks me up!