Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Miss Independence

This is how our little firecracker celebrated our countries Independence! Doesn't her hair look so strawberry in this photo? She was actually imitating Winston's howl when he gets to go for a walk. She has always been fond of Winsty but lately she has become a bit obsessed with copying him. This includes trying to scratch her neck with her foot. Good luck with that.She is playing in her "poor man's" sandbox. We filled an empty patch of dirt in the yard with sand. It has been good for hours of entertainment. Guess we should get her a real sandbox huh?As for the rest of us on the holiday weekend.... we did a lot of this....and a lot of organizing in the house as well as this....
don't cry for us though, we also had this....strawberry rhubarb custard pie!
Now that the long weekend is over, it is back to work for everyone. For Lily it means more of this...
Oh, and after our 3 mile walk this morning, she and Winsty did some yoga. They have both become a little enamored with my yoga mat. They lie on it together in the sun.She is teaching him downward dog. No I didn't teach her that or prompt her to do it.
Hope you had a firecracker of a holiday weekend!!


  1. Looks like a good weekend!!! I take it you didn't end up going away? Lily is pretty good at downward dog, impressive!!! The pie is also very impressive, I must say.

  2. THe kitchen turned out so cute ! you are sooooo MArtha.
    I want that rhubarb pie recipe. My mom used to cook rhubarb all the time. you are so impressive Sare bear.
    so classy !