Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Two" many cooks in the kitchen

I promise this will be my last corny "two" themed post. You see, we had so much fun and excitement at Lily's birthday she didn't get a chance to open all her presents!! I know, when will that ever happen in her life again. Maybe at 80? We saved the rest to open today when she had a play date with her BFF Kat.
Lily was over the moon with her little people garage from Auntie Boo. She honestly could not open another thing until we hid this one. Kat, however was ready to plow on to the next gift.
They work so well together. Take note of Lily's too cute tutu. It was from Kat on her birthday and it is such a hit. I am glad Lily likes some girly things as most of her toy interests are cars, trains, and curious George.
This is her gift from Mom and Dad. I made her a kitchen following a tutorial found on the blog Out of the Crayon Box. It is made from a two drawer bedside table I bought at goodwill. It wasn't too difficult and the tutorial is easy to follow. Good thing I had a handy husband to help with the real tough stuff, power tools and all.
She even got a few accessories to go along with the kitchen. We are expecting some gourmet imaginary food for dinner tonight.
Well a gourmet sandwich will do.
Once the little people garage was put together the kitchen was quickly overlooked and it was time to do some car "ccccwaaaaashhh".

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  1. That is the most adorable kitchen ever. I have seen others similar to that idea, but not as cute. Great job! I will have to send you some of my patterns for felt food. Fun to make and Jake loves them. Happy Birthday Lily!