Sunday, August 29, 2010

Circus Circus

Can you remember how old you were when you went to the circus? Alex and I both have vague memories of going but it was probably over 25 years ago! About time to go I guess. We thought Lily would like it with the animals and all the acrobatics. She is really into hopping, jumping, swinging, falling....oh and motorcycles. Not riding them, but watching them.Lucky for us, the circus was in town! It was a fun outing to take part in since once little sister arrives we might not be getting out as much right away.
You could arrive early and view the elephants. It was fun to see them up close and watch them eat. She was well amused.
Also before the show started you could go down on the stage floor and watch the performers preview their talents. It was great to see it up close. Lily likes her clown nose!
Perhaps one of the great highlights. A tattoo. She remembered getting her train tattoo and was eager to get another. Should I be worried? An affinity for motorcycles and tattoo's?
The show was really good and well choreographed. It was just on the verge of too long for little one but she was on sensory overload so she survived. I think the elephants, motorcycles, and singing were a big hit. She sat on our laps and was pretty enthralled through the show. I think by the end she was ready to go as she said "all done" after the last few acts. I think it will be a few years before we go again but well worth it.

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