Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lovely Locks

Our list of firsts is both growing and shrinking as Lily grows up. She has accomplished so much in such a short time and yet has so many new things to learn and try. Her hair is growing at an astonishing rate. As lovely and sweet as it is with her baby curls, it is really getting to bother her and she is always swiping it out of her face. I couldn't put it off any longer, it was time for her first cut! Here is a before shot. She is inspecting our tomato crop which is coming along, although late due to our weird summer.Goodbye sweet baby curls. I fear you wont survive the trim.We thought she was going to flip out for her cut since she doesn't even like me to comb her hair. To our pleasant surprise she was fine! She hopped right into the "boat" chair and let the lady put on the cape. She sat quietly and read books and played trains. It always makes me smile when they offer her princess toys and she prefers trains. The lady asked if she had a big brother. I love her expression, even though she did super she still makes a stink face!
Almost finished with her stylish "bob".
We had promised her a cupcake as a reward for being good. Little did we know she would have no problem and not really need bribery! She enjoyed the cupcake none the less. She knows a good thing when she eats one. She didn't eat the whole thing. Don't worry we can help out with that.
Time to work off that cupcake at the park. Winsty could use the work out too.
Cuteness with Dada.She spots the squirrels before Winsty does!
Ah all worn out. Weekends are the best when you are a daddy's girl!

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