Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One fish, two fish...

If this one doesn't work out we are going to have to shop for a red fish and blue fish!

We lost "shish" one a week after we brought him home. Bless him. Now we have shish two.
To process our sorrows we did a little morning baking. Lily is big into baking and if the measuring cups come out you know you have to let her "help." Dora is a big help too. I have learned the hard way to give her some flour, a couple bowls, take a deep breath, and watch out! Prepare to clean the better part of the kitchen after.
She likes to taste her cooking as she goes. How does a teaspoon of whole wheat flour taste?
I agree, needs a little something...The final product. Peach crumble bars. DELISH! Sorry Sish...

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