Thursday, September 16, 2010

1 week

One week to go and I thought I would post a little baby update! Creepy 3-D photos included!

Here is a foot, even Lily could tell what this one is, even though she is still generally clueless about the whole situation.

Here is her face. She had her hands over her face the whole time, another shy one. Lily came out with her hand on her face so maybe she will be the same.

So we had an ultrasound today after several weeks of my Dr visits where I was measuring a few weeks smaller than my real date. They wanted to check my amniotic fluid levels. They are about 30% lower than normal but nothing to be concerned about and nothing that could be harmful to the baby. She measured normal size for gestation, on track for her due date and a guess weight of 7lbs 10oz this week. Lily was 7lbs 12 oz so not far off! Lets hope she arrives on time or she will only get bigger!

Cant wait to meet her in person!

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  1. Love creepy 3d US photos. Glad to hear baby is growing and doing well. You better makes sure you tell baby tomorrow that Back To The Future is Coming On!