Thursday, September 30, 2010

Family Time

It has been a big week around the Davis household. Lots of playing and hard work. Grandma and Grandpa England are going to need a serious vacation after their visit here!

The sweetest little tiny peeling fingers!Our wide awake time exploring our world.
Such a gorgeous sweet face, but I am not biased at ALL!
Do you think someone might like having dad home from work and G&G here? Oh and after a ride down the zip line....more, more, more is all we heard.
One of the many silly faces of big sister!
Story time in Gemma's room.No one wants to miss out.
What is this face? This is her push face, trying to close the lid on a toy.
Where are rest of the pictures of G&G? We have kept them so busy with chores there is hardly a moment to rest! Don't worry, it hasn't been all work and no play. They did get to take Lily to the zoo. We are also giving them a night off this weekend to celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary! We're kind to our helpers like that. Oh and while they are out we are shredding their plane tickets home.

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  1. This blog makes me miss you like crazy! Congrats again on Gemma and also surviving the first week as a Mommy of 2.

    I think the second picture where G's eye's are wide open looks a lot like you.

    And absolutely love the "push" picture of Lily. She better be careful, because it looks like you could be getting "push present" number two out of moves like that.