Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Birthday To Dad

Alex celebrated the big 35 this past week and he was serenaded by the best singer in the house!

LA Peterson Peeps

It has been a long while since Lily's Uncle E and Auntie Rach came up for a visit. They couldn't keep away after little Gemma's arrival. Grandpa and Grandma Peterson came up as well and we all had a wonderful weekend together. They flew up to Portland to see those Peterson peeps and then drove north to see us!
Lily loves her some Uncle E and Rrrrraaaaaach! There were a lot of hugs, kisses, and snuggles all around. For a girl who didn't like to snuggle much she sure is making up for lost time.
Grandpa gets some Gemma snuggles with her first Halloween gear on.
Bedtime stories from our best reader.We took the Fam for some wine tasting and beer tasting. Do you think we had a good time?
Yes we did! Come back again and we will do some more!Hmmmm which one will Rach choose as her fave? I think they were all a hit.
We miss you guys! Come visit again soon!!

Cousins & Candy = Crazy!

We had the best time with Lily's cousins. As usual. They came up to visit and meet baby Gemma a few weekends ago. It also helped that the Husky's were playing the Beavers and the boys had tickets to the game!
Owen has some mad baby whisperer skills. Pretty soon we are going to have to pay him for his services.Charlie sure did a super job playing with Lily as well.
I think everyone enjoyed decorating the haunted gingerbread house. Alex's parents left it behind after their visit and we decided to save it for when the cousin's came to visit.
It was a super collaboration. Warning: A lot of candy was consumed in the making of this house!
The finished result had some structural problems. I think it added to the "spooky" look.
We also had a super visit with my cousin Ryan and Dan with their little Rory who is 6 months younger than Lily and their new son Cael who is 10 days older than Gemma. We went to the Ballard locks. It was a beautiful Fall day. Not easy to get pictures of the girls at this age.
They kept each other entertained during breakfast.
It was so fun to have them in town and have all the kids play. We miss you cousins!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pun'kin time

This is the first year Lily really gets an idea of what Halloween is all about. We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend. It is the same one we have gone to for the last 3 years. Awe... our little family traditions are growing!!
So is our big girl! She is getting so big. Next year Gemma will be able to stand next to her!!
Lily really wanted to push the wheel barrow but that will have to wait for another year.
She can still ride in it though!
Picking out a "Gemma" pumpkin. We always buy a pumpkin for each person in the family.
Our loot! We will wait to carve them for Grandma Peterson to come visit.
Riding the tractor hay ride! See, Gemma was with us even if she didn't get to see much.
Doing her part by washing off the pumpkins.
I want this one Daddy!!
Lily calls pigs, punks. She also calls the color pink, punk. I call her a punk and it works for a pink pig!!
Driving her own tractor. See the tube slides behind her? Lily rode the biggest one, and it was SUPER fast!! Gotta love dad, he just plops her in it and lets her go! She didn't mind, after the initial surprise she was ready to go again, with dad this time.
She also did the kids maze. I am just saying, the first try she walks right through it with confidence and doesn't make one wrong turn!! She is a clever girl.

The Help

While Grampy and Grandma were here we really put them to work. I don't mean holding babies either! They did their fair share of that, but they also did tons of chores around the house! Don't worry, everyone pitched in, even the little one. Not the littlest one though, she gets a little break...for now!
There was a lot of push...pull...push...pull going on.Of course, the little monkey was more than happy to help climb the ladder.

She also couldn't let Grampy stomp down the tree trimmings himself.
All this work makes a girl weary!
There was plenty of time for snuggles though.
The paci sisters. Lily only gets her paci at bed and nap time but Gemma joined her in the big girl bed for snuggle time. Lily introduces her to curious George and her "hoots" blanket.Love the "big sister" & "little sister" t-shirts.
They also did some snuggling in Gemma's crib. Lily is very fond of Gemma's new crib toys. They play songs and show pictures on the ceiling. Gemma got the cutest little outfit from Annie, and it is still a bit big on her but I couldn't wait to have her wear it. So sweet. It is so fun having two girls two dress up. Just wait until you see the matching sister outfits we have received from friends. Oh I could just eat them up!!