Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cousins & Candy = Crazy!

We had the best time with Lily's cousins. As usual. They came up to visit and meet baby Gemma a few weekends ago. It also helped that the Husky's were playing the Beavers and the boys had tickets to the game!
Owen has some mad baby whisperer skills. Pretty soon we are going to have to pay him for his services.Charlie sure did a super job playing with Lily as well.
I think everyone enjoyed decorating the haunted gingerbread house. Alex's parents left it behind after their visit and we decided to save it for when the cousin's came to visit.
It was a super collaboration. Warning: A lot of candy was consumed in the making of this house!
The finished result had some structural problems. I think it added to the "spooky" look.
We also had a super visit with my cousin Ryan and Dan with their little Rory who is 6 months younger than Lily and their new son Cael who is 10 days older than Gemma. We went to the Ballard locks. It was a beautiful Fall day. Not easy to get pictures of the girls at this age.
They kept each other entertained during breakfast.
It was so fun to have them in town and have all the kids play. We miss you cousins!

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