Monday, October 11, 2010

The Help

While Grampy and Grandma were here we really put them to work. I don't mean holding babies either! They did their fair share of that, but they also did tons of chores around the house! Don't worry, everyone pitched in, even the little one. Not the littlest one though, she gets a little break...for now!
There was a lot of push...pull...push...pull going on.Of course, the little monkey was more than happy to help climb the ladder.

She also couldn't let Grampy stomp down the tree trimmings himself.
All this work makes a girl weary!
There was plenty of time for snuggles though.
The paci sisters. Lily only gets her paci at bed and nap time but Gemma joined her in the big girl bed for snuggle time. Lily introduces her to curious George and her "hoots" blanket.Love the "big sister" & "little sister" t-shirts.
They also did some snuggling in Gemma's crib. Lily is very fond of Gemma's new crib toys. They play songs and show pictures on the ceiling. Gemma got the cutest little outfit from Annie, and it is still a bit big on her but I couldn't wait to have her wear it. So sweet. It is so fun having two girls two dress up. Just wait until you see the matching sister outfits we have received from friends. Oh I could just eat them up!!

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