Monday, October 11, 2010

Pun'kin time

This is the first year Lily really gets an idea of what Halloween is all about. We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend. It is the same one we have gone to for the last 3 years. Awe... our little family traditions are growing!!
So is our big girl! She is getting so big. Next year Gemma will be able to stand next to her!!
Lily really wanted to push the wheel barrow but that will have to wait for another year.
She can still ride in it though!
Picking out a "Gemma" pumpkin. We always buy a pumpkin for each person in the family.
Our loot! We will wait to carve them for Grandma Peterson to come visit.
Riding the tractor hay ride! See, Gemma was with us even if she didn't get to see much.
Doing her part by washing off the pumpkins.
I want this one Daddy!!
Lily calls pigs, punks. She also calls the color pink, punk. I call her a punk and it works for a pink pig!!
Driving her own tractor. See the tube slides behind her? Lily rode the biggest one, and it was SUPER fast!! Gotta love dad, he just plops her in it and lets her go! She didn't mind, after the initial surprise she was ready to go again, with dad this time.
She also did the kids maze. I am just saying, the first try she walks right through it with confidence and doesn't make one wrong turn!! She is a clever girl.


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