Tuesday, November 9, 2010

FALL in love

We have had several beautiful Fall days lately and we are taking every advantage of them!! Check out these colors LA people!
We have to play in the leaves too.We have also been busy FALLing in love with this little face. She is almost completely over her newborn rash and boy are we all glad. Here is what Gemma thinks about her rash!
This is how happy she is now that it is gone!
Oh yes, reason to celebrate!Sister is getting to be a big help. She can put the paci back in...
She can share snuggles in her bed...
and she can help with bath time too!Watching dad to see how it is done.
Ok, now Lily's turn to get involved.
I think Gemma is impressed.
She had her 6 week check up on Friday and weighs 9lbs 11oz and 21 1/2 inches long. She got her first round of immunizations which we are super glad about. Lily has been sick non stop since starting preschool and with flu season coming we need all the protection we can get. She is now on two medicines for reflux and gas/indigestion. Hopefully it starts to help her tummy feel better and sleep better. She is also going to get a wedge to sleep more upright in her crib so she doesn't have to sleep in the bouncy seat forever!

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  1. Love those leaves. Sure wish we could come over every weekend to hang out and kiss those little un-rashed cheeks!! Love you all and miss you a bunch!